The art project Infinite Screen explores the idea of ‘the Infinite’ beyond the visible surface of “Everything We See”.  Everything in universe consists of vibration and transformation of waves and particles. Infinite Screen explores this metamorphosis and connects us with the mystery of the Infinite.
Our current age, the age of the digital, constantly fuses new relationships between humans and the language of signs, signals and images which surround them. The concept of Infinite Screen is meant as a antipode to today’s ubiquitous monitors and screen-based devices. It highlights what lies behind each image – the messages and boundaries which are in fact mere representations of innumerable other realities and possibilities of what we might consider to be ‘true’. In the context​ of today’s generalization of virtual reality and communication, the vision of the art project is to transcend​ the limits of our perception, to question the prevailing language of our time, to create artistic symbols that generate creative impulses for society and make visible new free space for imagination.